Meet Robert Kelly our midfield general from the 12A’s

Weight – 4st – 5 LBS

Height – 4 ft 5′

Occupation- Student

Schools/College Attended – Cloghroe NS

When and where did you first start playing soccer – 5 years ago in my Garden

Achievement with club to date –Being a member and enjoying myself

Biggest influence on your soccer career – My Dad

What sporting event would you most like to attend (doesn’t have to be soccer related) MMA

To date what is your favourite moment in sport – Watching Conor McGregor BEAT Jose Aldo 

Favourite Venue – Anfield

Favourite Soccer Player – Salah

What sportsperson would you most like to meet – Salah

What do you think most important skill in soccer –Controlling and passing the ball

Toughest player to mark in training –Dan Madden

Who is the joker on the team – Me

If you won the lotto what would be the first thing you would buy- A Ferrari 

Favourite holiday destination – Portugal 

Favourite music – Imagine dragons

Favourite Film – Harry Potter 

In 10 years time I hope to be ……famous footballer